Bump to this: the tracks we’ve had on heavy rotation.


Bump To This is BE’s weekly curated list of the tracks that we’ve had on heavy rotation.

This week we have a mix-up of old classics and new releases to get you in your feels, coming together with an overall vibe of getting shit done and starting things up for the new year. Scroll through the list featuring Kali Uchis, Sampa the Great, Manu Crooks and Be Wise, 21 Savage and Kiana Lede, and link up to our Spotify to hear more!

Black Girl Magik by Sampa The Great
Sampa the Great wrote this song for her sister, wondering ‘what she thinks when she looks back at herself in the mirror’ in a world full of unattainable euro-centric beauty standards. She wanted to make something that would be ‘beautiful, strong and royal’; all the things she sees in her sister - and black women and girls everywhere - which is exactly what the video is! Ntombi Moyo styled the outfits in the clip, that features Sampa and her sisters dancing, and playing games before sitting down at the table together, evoking a universal symbol of power and influence.

Throw it back by Manic Crooks and Be Wise
West Sydney Aus-African rappers Manu Crooks and B Wise have put together another sweet collab after their first release together, ‘Best Years’, which came out in August last year! Best Years was a celebration of the current quality and increasing international recognition that Australian hip hop artists are experiencing, and their new song ‘Throw it Back’ is the continuation of that. With many African-Australian rappers like Manus Crooks and Be Wise being compared to the sounds of influencers like Travis Scott and Kanye, it’s no wonder the genre is on the rise and making its mark on the international scene for the first time.

Out for the Night, 21 Savage
The first time I heard about 21 Savage was listening to Amber Rose’s love and relationship podcast, because I’m trash and secretly love her more than him. But after hearing this track a few times in the BE. studio, I’m kind of hooked. ‘Out for the night’ was originally released on Savages I am > I was EP, but has since come out again with new ‘beats and bars’ by Travis Scott. ‘Out for the night part 2’, starts with the original verse and hook, but then slows down as Travis comes in with a darker melody and verse of his own, that we love!

Show Love by Kiana Lede
Singer and actress, Kiana Lede’s new EP is all about the different shades of love and relationships. Selfless is her first solo project and our fav track at the moment, Show Love, is all about showing up for your lover, staying open honest and real with each other, and putting in the effort if you wanna be loved back - even when the times get tough!

Just a Stranger by Kali Uchis
Produced by Steve Lacy from the Internet, who did so many killer collabs last year especially with Kali, this song is a big “f*** you to people who spend so much time criticizing people for being bold and being themselves.” The video is almost as empowering as the lyrics and features an oiled up Kali laying on the beach soaking up rays and showers of money. If that’s not a 2019 vision to aspire to, I don’t know what is!

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