Bump to This: The Tracks We've Had on Heavy Rotation - RnB Edition

Words Bec Sceney 

Image Kehlani While We Wait Mixtape - TSNMI / ATLANTIC

Bump To This is BE’s fortnightly curated list of the tracks that we’ve had on heavy rotation. Whether you need a smooth R&B track or something you can bust down to, we’ve got you covered. Check out the newest additions including songs my Kehlani, Nao, Boogie, Brent Faiyaz, Cardi B and Blueface. Link up to our Spotify to hear more! 

Silent Ride by Boogie

You may already be bumping to Boogie’s debut LP ‘Everything’s For Sale’ or maybe you recognise him as an opener from Eminem’s Australian and New Zealand Rapture tour. If not, take note! The talented Compton rapper is on his way up, being labelled “a troubled young man with a brilliant mind” by HipHopDX. ‘Silent Ride’ has a fun beat but the lyrics project a more serious theme. Boogie raps and sings about uncertainties and overthinking, and in the second verse, a blowup in his relationship. Despite the heavy topics, the song is relatable in one way or another and deals with life’s struggles in a light-hearted way. He’s even started a dance challenge for the song (#SilentRideChallenge), presumably to help it go viral, but the beat and his flow is more than danceable.   

Love Language by Kehlani

Kehlani has blessed us with a mixtape ‘While We Wait’ for her sophomore album and as she waits for the birth of her daughter. The mixtape was made in just one month as she took a break from working on the album. ‘While We Wait’ reveals her developing style and refined lyricism but I find something familiar with ‘Love Language’. It’s light and upbeat with her signature R&B sound as she displays her emotional intelligence and self-awareness. The lyrics refer to the Five Love Languages, which are different ways people experience and express love. Kehlani sings that the communication in her relationship seems foreign, but she is open to learning what her partner wants and needs. 

Thotiana Remix by Blueface feat. Cardi B

Look, we know Thotiana isn’t the best song. It’s not even great. What it is, is meme-worthy and catchy AF. It was released in February 2018 but didn’t go viral until late last year with the #BluefaceChallenge dance. Truth be told, I hated it when I first heard it because of the cringy dance videos but as it spread over to Australia and into our clubs and charts, it grew on me. Blueface, who signed to Cash Money West, has skilfully kept the momentum going by remixing the song with YG in January 2019 and then Cardi B in February. While YG’s raps leave something to be desired, Cardi B slays her salacious verse all while rocking a cowgirl fit that can only be describes as Blood gang meets Hannah Montana in the very best way. Cardi is THAT BITCH and that’s all I’ve got to say about that. 

Make It Out Alive by Nao feat. SiR

‘Make It Out Alive’ is London singer-songwriter Nao’s second single off her sophomore album, ‘Saturn’ released in October 2018. The harmonious track features Californian, Top Dawg signee, SiR, who seamlessly compliments Nao’s soulful, distinctive vocals. The lyrics explore the overwhelming feeling of doubt and fear during a transitional period, reflective of Nao’s experiences. “I’d hit my late twenties and everything was in flux; relationships, work life, home situation, everything. I was lost and I genuinely had to ask ‘how do you make it out of here?” she told Vents Magazine. Nao perfects the dramatic switch from the soft, echoing verses to the powerfully emotive chorus, telling a story through the music and lyricism. 

Talk 2 U by Brent Faiyaz

Brent Faiyaz’s charming vocals have been making their way around the hip-hop music scene. He first started releasing singles on Soundcloud and found a hit with ‘Poison’ in 2016, the same year he featured on GoldLink’s ‘Crew’. He is also one-third of the group Sonder, accompanied by producers Atu and Dpat. While Sonder takes more of a futuristic approach to R&B, Brent Faiyaz gives us very early R&B vibes that make his tracks sound like instant hits. In the song, Faiyaz serenades a woman that’s caught his eye but isn’t interested in him or any other man. He tries his best to convince her he isn’t like the others and that he genuinely wants to get to know her. ‘Talk 2 U’ features a beautiful guitar riff reminiscent of a ‘90s R&B love song with a beat breakdown before the final chorus that can only be described as Usher inspired.